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Insurance Partners NW is a Portland Metro health insurance agency, providing affordable health insurance quotes for individual & family, and business insurance. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and personal consultations. We are your Insurance solution!Insurance Partners NW Health Insurancec
Insurance Partners NW represents all major health insurance providers that provide health plans in Oregon. There is no additional cost for our service; the rates are the same whether you sort through all the options yourself or let us help you find the best plan for your needs. We have been providing health insurance coverage since 2003.

We know about Oregon Health Insurance Plans. We are your local Portland Metro insurance company. We live and work here in the Portland Metro, and we will be happy to talk with you.

Individual Plans: The 2016 Open enrollment (for individual Plans) resume this Fall from November 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016.  To get new coverage in place for January 1, you need to complete the enrollment, or renew your current plan by December 15, 2015 (If your coverage was purchased through the Federal Marketplace).  If you purchased direct with a carrier, you have a little more time in December to get your plan change submitted.
Oregon's 2015 Open Enrollment period is over for now, but there are 'Special Enrollment' conditions when you can still enroll for coverage:  Loss of group coverage, loss of OHP, moving to another state, COBRA ending, getting married, and a few other conditions allow you to apply now.  Different rules apply in these different situations.

Business Plans: At Insurance Partners NW, our goal is to determine your benefit needs and provide the best solution. To do this we review your budget and what is important for you and your employees in a benefit package. Then by working with our carrier partners we design a benefit package best suited to meet those needs.


4 Key things to understand for 2016


To qualify for a tax credit, you must purchase direct from the Federal Marketplace.  From year to year, I think having coverage applied through the Marketplace will be easier in some ways, and gives you greater flexibility (ask me and I can elaborate more).   The premiums are the same either way if you are paying full price.

There's a different premium for each family member: However, if you have lots of kids, you only pay premium on the first 3 children if you put them on the same policy.  There are often advantages to insuring different family members on different plans. For example, one person may want an HSA eligible plan; another may want a plan with a low deductible.   I can help customize your coverage to match your family needs.

No more medical questions, no more declines no more waiting for pre-existing conditions everyone is approved as long as you enroll during an eligible enrollment period. You should evaluate each year your needs as health changes, plans change, and rates and networks change.  If you purchase through the Marketplace, you need to re-enroll in your coverage every January 1.

The term "Maximum Out of Pocket" in a policy now INCLUDES the deductible, copays, coinsurance, and prescription drug costs for services you incur 'In Network'.   Why important?   Don't just look at the deductible when evaluating a plan, look at your financial exposure should you get hit with a big medical event.  $6850.00 is the highest maximum out of pocket 'in network' for 2016.


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